Lucanis Dracul, Warlord of Chaos Undivided

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Lucanis Dracul, Warlord of Chaos Undivided Empty Lucanis Dracul, Warlord of Chaos Undivided

Post by Lucan Tyrius on Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:41 am

Name: Lucanis Dracul
Species: Human (Astartes)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: N/A
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Approx. Age: 432
Build: Average Astartes Build
Allegiance: Chaos Undivided, Warlord of the Sons of The Dragon Warband
Facial Features -
a) Facial Structure: High cheekbones, gaunt face.
b) Hairstyle, colour, and facial hair: no hair save for eyebrows.
c) Eyes: green
d) Misc: Scar across left cheek resembling a five clawed attack wound.
Body Features: Nothing of Note

Mental State: Paranoid, Violent, Volatile.
Relationships –
a) Romantic: N/A
b) Guides: N/A
c) Close friends: N/A
d) Blood relations: N/A
e) Liked persons: None, he hates everyone.
f) Acquaintances: He doesn't bother remembering their names.
g) Disliked persons: N/A
h) Strongly disliked persons: Victor Romanov
i) Enemies: Loyalists, Eldar, Anything that gets in his way.
j) Nemesis: Cervanax Of Terra
Clothing: N/A
Armour: A Suite made of salvaged parts.
Gadgets/Wargear: Grimoire, Auspex.
Weapons: Plasma/Boltor Combigun, Force Sword
Owned Transports: Thunderhawk "Exaultant Jubilation"
Personal Motives: Personal Power, Hording of Knowledge, Killing Loyalists, Survival.

Lucanis Dracul, Warlord of Chaos Undivided Lucanis_Dracul

Lucanis is former Blood Raven librarian, who led a small task force under the command of Relayus Inquisitor [REDACTED] for a series of special missions on the fringes of the Imperium. As the missions progressed he and his men free increasingly unstable, often taking strange or violent actions. Eventually they went rouge, turning to the Ruinous Powers they took command of a small chaos Warband called the Sons of Remaldeus. After slaying their leader and being acknowledged as the new warlord he renamed them The Sons of The Dragon.

Psychic Abilities

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