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Post by Lucan Tyrius on Sun Jan 22, 2017 9:13 pm

Name: Rhonani Xealis, Last Son of Prospero
Species: Human (Astartes)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Place of Origin: Prospero
Approx Age: 235 (due to stasis)
Build: Strong, even for an Astartes
Allegiance: Emperor, imperial Creed, Suns of Vengeance
Type: Veteran of the Scarab Occult/Psyker/Chapter Master
Facial Features: Unknown
Body Features: Unknown

Mental State: Vengful
Romantic: None
Guide: None
Close Freinds: none
Family: None
Liked Persons: Crusade Era Loyalists, Suns of Vengeance.
Acquaintances: Unknown
Disliked persons: Heretics and Traitors
Enemies: Traitors, Xenos, Heretics, Loyalists who wish him dead
Nemisis: Space Wolves, Thousand Sons/Thousand Sons Successor Warbands
Clothing: Unknown
Armor: Tartaros Terminator Armor
Gadgets/Wargear: Stolen Inquesitorial Sigils
Weapons: Arcane Sun (force Khopesh), Volkite Pistol, Combi-bolter
Owned Transport: Thunderhawk "Survivor's Retribution"
Personal Motives: Serve the Emperor, Take Vengeance against his Traitorous Brothers and the Space Wolves, redeem his honor.

Personal History
Rhonani Xealis was a member of the Scarab Occult of the Thousand Sons Space Marine Legion. A gifted psyker and powerful warrior, he had proven his prowess time and again. When Magnus withdrew to Prospero to face punishment many of his sons were sent away to lessen the defense Rhoanani and his Sqaud were sent to a far distant world and sealed in stasis. No one knows why save for Rhoananiā€™s sergeant and Magnus himself.

After over eight thousand years Rhoanani awoke to find his brothers dead, and their sanctuary in ruins. When he reached the surface he encountered elements of the Loyalist Blood Ravens Chapter. He was captured and held by the chapter in secret due to the sanctuary in which he was slumbering being saught after by the Ravens for being a clue to their past.

He now serves as the Chapter Master of the Suns of Vengeance. How he got to this point is unknown.
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Rhonani Xealis Empty Re: Rhonani Xealis

Post by Muffin Heretic on Tue Jan 24, 2017 3:14 pm

I gotta compliment you on your work here.
Looks solid and I like it.

I hope you will fluff out how he got to where he is now later ;D
Muffin Heretic
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Rhonani Xealis Empty Re: Rhonani Xealis

Post by Apothecary Meros on Fri Jan 27, 2017 2:45 am

Indeed, I agree ^

Also, I think the tt rules I've made for him are near enough completed as far as I'm concerned. Just need to calculate points.
Apothecary Meros
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Rhonani Xealis Empty Re: Rhonani Xealis

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