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Post by Falco Sanders on Sat Sep 02, 2017 1:39 pm

Falco Sanders (No middle name) was born on the second moon of the Gas Giant Retrocles - Retrocles II, a harsh, mountainous tundra world. His father, Lucius Sanders, was a veteran of the wars on Retrocles, had been given a position training men on Retrocles II, and was a tactical advisor to the Planetary governor, who had to contend with constant ork activity on all four habitable moons of Retrocles. Falco was educated well by Lucius, and was taken into the Schola Progenium early on. Falco left the Schola with generally bellow average results, though enough for a pass. He was assigned as a junior Commissar to the Retrocles 3rd Armoured Regiment, due to his generally poor performance, but showed a surprising aptitude for armoured warfare across the flat plains of Retrocles III. During this campaign, The minor Waaagh! Dezrek arrived in the sector, fighting greatly increased on the moons, and resources were spread thin. As Falco continued on Retrocles III, his Leman Russes accumulating ever more kills, the fighting on Retrocles II reached worrying levels, as the orks assaulted Hive Ire, and presumably killed Lucius Sanders who fought and lost the defence of the city.
As the fighting cooled, mostly due to the intervention of Star Phantoms, Black Templars and Libators arriving in the sector as part of the Karthago Crusade, Falco was Re-assigned  to assist them in taking the world of Kerrack, which had turned against the emperor for unknown reasons. It was soon discovered that this was due to a Khornate Cult on the surface led by Warlord Malhaur the Harvester. Falco's regiment found little use for their vehicles due to the dense forrest that covered the world, as they were used to long, flat plains where they could achieve success by bombarding the enemy from a distance with very precise, artillery-like shots. However, Falco had his men flatten surrounding trees with the Russes, and build earthworks to perch the Russes on, which he then continued to use like artillery. As the imperial line began to falter at week 6, Falco and his men held the line for 6 days against cultist raids and assaults, loosing two thirds of the regiment, but maintaining the line until the Libators 6th company relieved them in a nighttime raid on the enemy. After the war on Kerrack was over, Sanders was promoted to Commissar General and personally congratulated on his Heroics by Libator Captain Enoch.
In his Memoirs that is recorded as the greatest day of his life.

The Retrocles 3rd was re-formed under new leadership shortly after this event, and Sanders, having shown blinding resilience to the corruption of chaos, and an aptitude towards armoured warfare, was assigned to the Cadian 76th Armoured, and participated in several more conflicts in the Karthago Crusade against Orks, Chaos and minor now extinct, Xenos races such as the Falithrian Horrors, which baneblades demonstrated a particular aptitude in destroying.
During this, Falco's regiment gained a company of Kriegsmen, to assist in creating trenches and earthworks for the siege of Huroth. At the same siege, Sanders cooperated with the Vault Guardians Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, to capture and secure a long lost imperial relic; The skeletal remains of one of Sebastian Thor's hands (reputedly).

Sanders, along with his regiment, was later inducted into the relatively experimental pseudo-independent group known as The Vox Relay, to capture and secure relics of value to the imperium, including Gene-seed, STC fragments, and Holy Archeotech relics such as the one discovered at Retrocles III, and which he defended during the battle, incurring a great loss to his regiment, which was remedied by being assigned to relatively few actual battles after this, allowing him to replenish his number of troops and tanks by drawing from imperial supply lines.

In 999.M41, the Vox Relay and the Vault Guard were declared Excommunicate traitoris due to their co-operation with semi-chaotic, traitor and Xenos forces. Sanders fled aboard a commandeered Lunar-Class Cruiser 'The Metalus Gravus', to the outer regions of the galaxy, making a stop at Retrocles to pick up a proper crew and supplies for the vessel. During this year, whilst at a bar with his new Comrades in the Vox Relay, an attempt was made on Sanders life by a member of the Officio Assassinorum, which left him heavily scared and resulted in needing to be covered in bandages all over and have a bionic eye installed.

Sanders current age - 52 as of 999.M41
Current forces - 1 Regiment, 76th Cadian Armoured + Lunar-Class Cruiser 'Metalus Gravus'.
Loyalty - To the Imperium of Man, God Emperor of man and the remnants of the Relay.

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Falco Sanders Lore Revised Empty Re: Falco Sanders Lore Revised

Post by Apothecary Meros on Sat Sep 02, 2017 2:56 pm

Yes, a good piece of lore, I approve. I could pick out a few grammatical errors but that's not particularly important.

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