Vindictia Sol: The Suns Of Vengeance

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Vindictia Sol: The Suns Of Vengeance

Post by Lucan Tyrius on Sun Jan 22, 2017 8:43 pm

Founding Chapter: Unknown
Founding: Unknown (first sighting in M40)
Chapter Master: Rhonani Xealis
Homeworld: Fleet Based
Fortress Monastery: Battle Barge: Song of Reverie
Colours: Crimson/white/black
Specialty: Large Number of Librarians
Strength: Unknown (above codex norm)
Battle Cry: “The Suns rise!”

Known for their extensive armoury and abnormally large number of librarians. The Suns are a renegade chapter centered to the far galactic west. It is unknown where they hailed from or when they came to be, but the first appeared at the battle of the Hive World Galderia IV, where they saved the imperial soldiers and civilians from a chaos invasion.

They are officially labeled Excommunicate Traitoris by the Inquisition and heretics for their lack of belief in the God Emperor. Even though they are considered enemies of the Imperium they are not hostile towards its citizens or Soldiers unless they are attacked first. And are often seen aiding embattled Imperial worlds and fighting the Imperium’s enemies, careful to leave nothing behind.

In year 446 of M41 a battle between the Suns fleeing the field. A single  Suns Astartes corpse was retrieved from the battlefield, tests founds that this Marine’s geneseed hailed from the Blood Ravens chapter, as have all subsequent corpses retrieved. Their connection with the Blood Ravens is currently unknown.

In year 783 if M41 the identity of the Suns chapter master was discovered. His name was Rhonani Xealis, and he claimed to be the “Last True Son of Prospero” what this means is unknown but it is obvious that this connects the Crimson Suns to the Thousand Sons legion in some way.

The Suns are in possession of a large amount of Crusade Era Wargear. Where they obtained it is currently unknown.

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