Cadia Will Burn

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Cadia Will Burn

Post by Falco Sanders on Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:25 pm

This is going to be a shorter, combat focussed RP, which if people enjoy, I will endeavour to continue. In it, the players will take the role of a small force of Chaos Space Marines, commanded by Abbadon the despoiler, assaulting an important defensive emplacement on Cadia's surface 'Kalthimar's deep', as part of the 13th black crusade.

Name: -
Classification: - Your character can be a chaos space marine, member of the dark mechanicus, or a cultist (No Demons or demon princes). Anything special, catch me on discord and ask me.
Physical description:
Armour: - Power armour on astartes only.
Weapons: - Keep it within the bounds of reason, that said, you've got room for some big guns in this one.
Equipment: - Such as vox beads, etc.

Schools: If a psyker, list the schools they know from the codexes and rules of the 40k tabletop game, just to keep it in the bounds of reason. The rest of it isn't needed.
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Re: Cadia Will Burn

Post by Segovax on Thu Jul 27, 2017 7:03 am

Name: - Korban

Classification: - Chaos marine of the black legion, elite body guard of the Warmaster  

Physical description: An average sized astarte who always keeps his armour on at all times and keeps speaking to a minimum, has an air fear that sits in the guts of all who get near him.

Backstory: Korban was a member of the sons of Horus who fought for his father in the great war, unlike his brothers it was for loyalty not greed or revenge. His service rose him to the ranks of the personal body guard of the Warmaster, the justaerin, he watched as his father was felled by Horus on the Vengeful spirit above Terra itself and with Abbadon retrieved his body. He was also there when the "Loyal" legions of the Warmaster turned on his sons and exterminated the sons of Horus, to save himself from his fate he made a pact with a daemon and still faces the consequences, centuries later he was in the service of the new Warmaster, known for his ferocity and cunning in combat Korban is feared and respected by those of the traitor and loyal legions.

Armour: -  A battle tested set of Justerian cataphactii terminator armour, the gold trim and eye new additions to the largely unchanged armour

Weapons: - his tried and tested power fist and combi bolter

Equipment: - a teleporter homer from the heresy and the seal of the warmaster along with the fear, authority and respect that hung from it.

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Re: Cadia Will Burn

Post by Norabder on Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:08 am

Name: -Alpharius

Classification: -traitor legionnaire of the Alpha legion.

Physical description:- bald, olive skinned with green eyes. Has undergone surgery to look like the Primarch.

Backstory: - Alpha legionnaire... no one knows.

Armour: -Power armour, ornate and decorated with scales, hydras and Dragons heads.

Weapons: - combi-plasma, power sword (short sword), bolt pistol.

Equipment: -tracking device implanted in the back of his neck that alerts him to the presence of other Alpha legion operatives (and alerts them of his presence), camo cloak.

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Re: Cadia Will Burn

Post by Apothecary Meros on Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:57 pm

Name: Chloro Tzzek

Classification: Heretek

Physical description: He stands just shy of an Astartes, due to heavy augmentation. While a lot of his skin remains - pale and blemished from warp exposure and malnutrition - transplants have replaced almost all of his bones with solid adamantium. His hands and his legs below the thighs are also bionic, and several coloured tubes of fluid and electric wires are tangled and scattered in all directions. A crimson robe keeps him covered, but his blad head remains often in the open, showing half a beard and the other half of his face set into an expressionless brass mask.

Backstory: Chloro was birthed in approximately M36, upon a backwater Manufactorum with a name he cares not to remember, but turned his back upon the Imperium when he started to firmly believe that the Omnissiah was more likely to be a Chaos god than the Emperor - this may have been due to certain arcane sciences he had practiced in, some influencing his mind in some very mysterious ways. Though a plot to kill the loyalist Magos of his Manufactorum went wrong, his escape timed well with a pirate attack upon the martian world. Surrounded now by heretics within the Eye of Terror itself, he made sure to ally himself with the strongest looking bunch around. His calculations ensured that he made him an acquaintance of the Black Legion.

Armour: Adamantium bones (sort of armour), various armour plates similar in strength to Carapace.

Weapons: Macrostubber, Meltagun, Servo-mounted Flamer, Power Axe

Equipment: Loudspeaker, Mechaendrites, Void cutter (like a plasma cutter, only more Chaos-y), a few dataslates, walking cane, two additional bionic arms, Servo Arm, vox bead

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Re: Cadia Will Burn

Post by senera2000 on Sat Jul 29, 2017 1:12 pm

Name: -Arenes Odnanref

Classification: -Alpha Legion Space Marine

Physical description: - Looks like Aplharius

Backstory: - Unknown

Armour: -Mark VII Power Armour(Alpha Legion colours, but completely covered with easily removable black paint)

Weapons: - Hesh Pattern Bolter, Astartes Chainsword, Bolt pistol, Combat Knife

Equipment: -Frag Grenades, Krack Grenades, Demolition Charges, Smoke Grenades, Cameleoline cloak, other standard astartes equipment.

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Re: Cadia Will Burn

Post by Lucan Tyrius on Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:23 pm

Name: Averandus Helliax

Classification: Night Lords Chaos Raptor

Physical description: Never Takes his helmet off.

Backstory: An original Night Lord assault marine, he has managed to stay alive using underhanded tactics, preying on the weak and using fear as a potent weapon against any would-be heros.

Armour: Mark VII Astartes Power Armor (heavily astheticly altered to be more intimidating)

Weapons: Plasma Combi-Bolter, Chainsword, Bolt Pistol, Flaying Knife.

Equipment: Vox Bead, Vox Caster, Heresy-Era Jump Pack, Sharpened metal spikes about 40cm long each (x6)
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Re: Cadia Will Burn

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