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Post by Segovax on Sat May 27, 2017 7:40 am

The storm

Abbadon, despoiler of worlds and master of the black legion and chosen of chaos pondered upon his throne of molten brass, cast from the alloy of the great ceremonial cannons of cadia, at the head of the throne the eight pointed star of chaos. Eternally starring with it’s single blood shot eye towards the enemy’s of the despoiler, the chamber was made from the fine black marbles and gold etching of the mines of Cathonia before its destruction, great brazier flames reflect upon the oily black surface creating a great feeling of isolation in the sole inhabitant of the room.

‘Finally it is done old friend’

Abbaddon’s voice always lathered in malice even before the heresy, no victory to wash away the bitterness of the great defeat on Terra
‘The greatest defenses in the Imperium Laid low finally after millennia of preparation and taming of the feral warbands of the eye. Finally. It. Is. Mine’
Abbadon looks out of the brazier lit viewing deck to Cadia’s remains, the planet cracked in half with millions of smaller fractures rupturing across the doomed landscape over time as the force of its own gravity tears it apart
‘What do your men say when they run form their burning world, the planet broke before the guard? No. I destroyed the planet before their feet to rid the galaxy of the stain of a world that it was’
Abbadon rose from his chair and approached the great viewing glass, his terminator armor’s servos whining in unison with the marble beneath him from the weight of the war plate.

Abbadon points a single finger of the talon of Horus, his face turning to a scowl of disgust and blood running hot
‘You tell the imperium that you’re a hero, a savior of tactical genius yet it is I who deserves that honor! I had to organized thousands of warring warbands into the semblance of an army where you waved at your aristocrats to raise them for you in perfectly clean rank and file. I earned the grace and respect of gods where you floundered your way through battlefields to earn the distain of men. I killed a demi god with his own blade where you lived in peace and comfort, growing fat and lazy’
Abbadon lifts up his other hand and looks at the eyeless skull, fitting perfectly in his palm ‘No longer will mere mortals hold me back, I have now entire legions of astartes and daemons at my beckoning call. The galaxy will burn creed without you and it will be glorious, I will dethrone the corpse and take it my own and add it to my collection. I will be a slayer of kings or else’

With a snarl he crush’s the skull in his hands to powder, letting the dust sift through his fingers to the floor outside the window the eye washes over the remains of cadia, millions of souls who died their, devoured in an instant by the ravening hordes of daemons ‘But an appetizer’ abbadon smirks as he leaves the room and the cackle of gods echoing the words as the galaxy delves into another reign of chaos.

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