Blood of the sons

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Blood of the sons

Post by Segovax on Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:58 pm

Chapter 1: endless war

The roar of the crowd was intense in the golden city; men, women and children paraded the colors of a new empire from the victory over the tyrannical imperium. Purple and gold on the banners, purple and gold on the uniforms of the guards and on the robes of this new rules leader. Lucius Augustus opellion, the old cardinal smiled and waved to the gathered sheep that praised him as a god ‘my sons and daughters’ he said over the brass vox linked megaphone’s ‘only two days ago we defeated the last of the invading imperial forces, we started from whispers and now we shout to the tyrants in the stars we are free, we are here and we…’ his faced changed from pride to fear in milliseconds as he noticed that the guards placed on the roof tops were missing, the crowd still hyped up continue to celebrate their independence.

Frantically the terrified man looks to his personal bodyguards but sees no trace of their existence and the golden city flickers it true, ugly face. And then Lucius hears the sound that he had dreaded, the click of a bolt pistol’s hammer being pulled, the crowd sees their terrified leader and fall silent.

Lucius gulps before speaking, fear dripping from his sweat as he did so ‘I.I.I knew that this was going to happen, please don’t let them see my corpse, I don’t want them to remember me like that’ the hidden assassin grimaces in disgust as he whispers to the cardinal ‘Were counting on it’ as soon as the words were spoken the ear splitting sound of the bolt pistol eviscerated the silence of the crowd and left the headless corpse of the failed traitor to fall below, smashing into the pavement and leaving a bloody mess.

The gold of the psychic veil now dead with its creator showed the people the truth of their existence, a dirty hive city in the gloom of a sun in its final death throws, stepping from the shadow the dark red armored giant holds up his hand, his helm painted white leered silently. Other giants melted of the shadows and aim their grenade launchers. Lowering his hand the gas canisters were unleashed into the mob, panic and fear making people flee but hidden void shield barriers were activate since the beginning of the parade, trapping the people with the lethal gas, dooming them to the agonizing death of asphyxiation at the hands of the emperors avenging angels, the assassin looks down and sees the piled corpses and feels nothing, no anger or joy, a pit that is worse than any guilt.

‘Korban!’ the shout lifting him from the ocean of his thoughts Korban was with the permanently grimacing face of Captain Harkus and the smell of burning oil, gun powder and blood, his home ‘Korban I gave you a direct order to fall in line, the degenerates are attacking again and their using him’ Korban’s cold features turned hot with fury ‘where?’ he demanded pulling out his red and black flame licked helm before sealing to his spiked gorget, the painted in white skull chipped and worn from the hundreds of battles and black ops missions ‘south quadrant moving steadily to the north’ was the cold reply from Harkus.

Korban made his way to the last report of the beast of Solek, a emperors children captured daemon some whispered, a crazed Astarte’s others would reply but Korban did not care only that he died for what he had done to the company, their numbers dwindling ever since their betrayal of the imperial creed ‘what do you see?’ he remembered asking the brothers at the funeral pyre of chapter master Vulrick and the entire first company, the worst casualty’s in the history of the chapter ‘a company made of misery’ he replied to the broken men of the chapter. Korban was brought back to reality as his foot crunched upon bone and flesh, looking down he was greeted by the ruined corpse of what was once a cultist that served the company of misery but now he is but a mess of torn flesh and bone in a loose formation of a man ‘bezerker’ spat Korban under his breath, bearing his bolter and its under slung flamer which hissed as the igniter flame was lit.

Turning a corner around the wreckage of a destroyed rhino Korban saw the scene of a massacre that left none alive, corpses of Astarte’s and cultists from both sides of this war littered the ground in bloody heaps that smelt of death and the slow rot all are doomed to in the end.  At the centre of the slaughter an Astarte’s a head taller than any other Korban had seen knelt, swords and knives sticking out of his back and chest, arms and head slack with blood still dripping from the countless wounds that rent open his crimson armor plate and that from his bloody work on the two war band’s.

Cautiously Korban approached the head high mound of dead where the bezerker lay making his way through the dead who baked in the dying sun which lowered over the battle tired war zone. Korban was now next to the bezerker, chain axe at his feet still logged in the skull of its last victim, the company of misery marine jabbed the beast of solek with the cold barrel of his bolter, but it did not move ‘are you dead already?’ Korban's tone filled with disappointment. Korban smashed the butt of his bolter against the helm of the grounded giant and left a split in the ceremite with a resounding crack, but still the beast wrath did not stir which killed Korban’s thirst for blood today.

Exhaling with disappointment Korban turned to leave the mound of dead, his foot crunching the skull of one of the dead which splattered blood all across his boot, Korban grimaced with disgust but one single drop of the crimson liquid landed on the exposed, pale arm of the beast. Korban was now at the bottom of the effigy to the bezerker when he knew something was wrong, turning he saw the beast wake up from its slumber, the wind seemed to die and time slowed to a drip as ‘it’ rose up to stand high above the stunned Korban. Its helm’s face was a shattered work of brass in the mirror of a snarling daemon, one eye the deep green lens while the other the crazed stare of the man behind the legend, ‘where…’ it whispered on the dying breeze which woke Korban up from his disbelief, in the blink of a normal mans eye the marine had already brought his bolt gun to bear and fires a controlled burst into the creature. But none, not one hit their mark; the thing disappeared from its effigy in the breeze, which died down again. Confused Korban spun around trying to find where this thing was ‘was the story’s true, was he really a daemon?’ suddenly with a growl he was tossed a good five meters as a bone jarring hammer blow to his side threw Korban into the drying mud.

Looking up the daemon was already on him again but Korban had his bolt gun close to hand and he quickly picked up the rifle and thundered down an entire clip at the red haze. But still it continued to pound its power armored boots into the soil and make its way towards me, had I even hit it? the thought lost as it leapt through the air with a bestial roar, instinctively I activated the flamer and spewed the superheated promethium directly at the crimson giant, creating a wall of flame and smoke which enveloped the bezerker. For a second or two nothing stirred in the intense flames which showed no signs of dying thanks to the promethium fuel, but then my heart sank into my mouth when I saw the giant leap through the flames, fire covering his armor in the thick black, burning promethium.

It landed directly in front of me with a thud of boots compressing the soil beneath before kicking me in the face with a crack of cartilage breaking with bone, blood streamed down my face and I was washed into a sea of disorientation. leveling the bolter and pulling the trigger to only hear the click, click of a dry clip the bezerkers reply was another boo down on my face sending Korban into the embrace of the darkness of his memories.

The space hulk was cramped and filled with darkness and the screams of vengeful and dying battle brothers in equal measure, the commanding voice of chapter master Vulrick had gone silent in the green wash of night vision on his helmet feed, blood covered the walls with bolter impacts easily identifiable by the fist sized impacts in the iron walls of space hulk 'misery of angels'. Korban, quickening his pace after seeing the evidence of brothers came across bodies, one marine for every fifteen gene stealers for a kilo meter of the one unending corridor on the planet sized hulk of rock and iron, misery barley suppressed was all Korban felt as he had to mark all thirty bodies of the marines in total, thirty who will not return to the chapter monastery, thirty who will be forgotten on this hulk operation among dozens which the chapter have not become unfamiliar with and yet never forget the misery that they incur.

Fighting for a few more hours through the genestealer stragglers I found what they had honed in on, the first company fought 90% on estimate of the entire genestealer presence of the space hulk and died to a man. Chapter master Vulrick who had the heart of the broodlords still clenched in his now crimson power fist with the corpses of the alien dead trapping him under their dead weight until he was secuming to his wounds a smile on his face, a smile that was made in the knowledge that his debt would be paid to the emperor and his reward of a normal life with the emperor would be given for his service, and I hated him for it.

he saw me and levelled a weak arm to me but I knocked it away 'we bled in this crusde for your ambition!' the venom from Korban's words wiping the smile from his blood splattered face. Korban balled his fist and rammed it against the trapped chapter masters throat, strangling the life from him for the pain and misery he had brought upon Korban's brothers, the eyes was something Korban would never forget as he never even tried to speak up about the fratricide, the milky orbs of blue filled with pain and sorrow.  

After killing the chapter master Korban activated the wide vox network and made the statement that would define the future of the chapter ‘Vulrick is dead withe the first company brothers, along with our emperor and imperium. We are down a company and left with one of misery. But were free, were done’.

The words echo in Korban’s mind as he woke to pain that wracked his whole body which faced the dying, grey sky of the daemon world. Lazily he turn over to see the bezerker tearing his axe from the dead and preparing to finish Korban off, Korban did not fight back, he knew his freedom in life was coming to an end and eternal servitude in death to the gods was to arrive and smiled just as Vulrick had done before ‘I’m ready to find you!’ spat Korban as the axe started its deathly decent but it never came. In a flash of red and black a rhino sped across the junkyard of dead vehicles and rammed at full speed into the headsmen. Korban seeing that he was not yet dead threw himself up from the dirt and retrieved his bolt gun, slamming in a fresh magazine and sprinting to where the rhino was driving full speed into a rockrete wall that did not fall or even crumble.

Aiming his bolt gun forward Korban scanned the front of the company of misery tank but saw the headsmen still alive, the bezerker was holding back the rhino with his bear hands against the machine but was slowly losing the battle with his arms folding back and the wall behind his crumbling from the pressure. He was more of a beast now, slobber and foam flowing from the shattered front plate of his snarling helm ‘kill, maim, burn!’ he roared as the engine of the rhino revved up more trying to impale the bezerker on the end of the dozer blades to the front of the vehicle. The hatch of the top of the rhino was thrown open and the head of Captain Harkus emerged ‘strong one, wonder how much more he can take!’ Korban nodded looking at the animal in front of him ‘Harkus are you able to capture it, I think I have a plan for it’ Harkus shot a look of surprise at Korban ‘Plan?’ he replied with distain, Korban lowered his bolt gun a took a step closer to the giant in red ‘yes, and it involves plenty of dead emperors children sadists which may peak your interest’ Harkus grudgingly replied ‘what is it then, I’m listening’.

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Re: Blood of the sons

Post by Segovax on Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:16 pm

Chapter 2: The Beast

Korban looked down below at the fortress of the emperors children, the walls decorated with the still screaming slaves of the war band that coalesced with the constant drum of electronic sounds from the fortress which with unprotected ears would lead to deafening and organ damage from the force of it. Harkus shook his head as he approached the open side door of the Sokrar storm bird, the last relic possessed by the chapter since it’s fall or rise depending on perspective ‘Korban, I have had to pull a lot of strings to get this plan going, I hope that this plan works and none of this falls back on me’ Korban turned back to the captain ‘well if the plan succeeds you can take all the credit, if it fails I take all the venom. That’s the deal’ Harkus looks out at the giant effigy to the dark prince erected all across the walls of the km’s long complex ‘right, and what of the rhino’ Harkus looked back out at the increasingly closer and closer fortress ‘well you won’t be getting that back, we have sealed it completely with it inside, its part of the plan’ Harkus shook his head and turned around ‘your plan, your call’.

The Storm bird was now flying on top of the fortress, the guns launched anti air shells, which either bounced off the well-designed hull of the ship or missed the vessel and exploded with teeth juddering shock waves. Korban kept to the side of the ship to keep an eye on where the drop zone was and when to unleash the beast below deck, weathering the storm of shrapnel which chipped at his war plate, a few moments later with mechanical precision Korban threw his hand down and the rhino was detached and the ship pulled away from the run, launching smoke and flares to escape the bombardment ‘its up to you’ muttered Korban while he looked back at the fortress which blared its music to the dark princes.

Solthis emerged from his bunker of pleasures to the main courtyard of his fortress to see his men gathered around a rhino left behind by the pleasure less company of misery, with a welter of disgust the chaos lord waves his staff to a group of pink marines who nodded approached the vehicle bolters raised and tension high. A hole was blasted in the side of the rather undamaged vehicle which was clearly modified for structural integrity rather than maneuverability, breaching the vehicle the squad of marines entered into the lightlessness and a few moments of anticipation past, fed up Solthis roared to his men ‘Report!’ one emerged from the dark holding a demonic, brass and red helm ‘it’s a dead world eater lord’ Confusion soaking his words and anticipation for some hidden attack struck Solthis ‘up on the wall their must be some…’ the words caught in the chaos lords throat when he heard aloud crunching and snapping sound from the rhino. The marine quickly turned firing his bolt gun wildly before he was dragged into the dark of the rhino, dropping blood stained helm at the entrance of the vehicle which rocked with the fighting from inside.

Solthis, stricken with fear pointed to his men and roared commands to them ‘open fire, open fire!’ all present fired all weapons that possessed the the vehicle from bolt guns to auto pistols at the metal box, but in its reinforced state most damage was negated leaving only a few chunks of metal blasted away and nothing more. A blood stained, gauntlet reached out from the dark and retrieved it, placing it upon its head with a hiss of gas and the glow of green from its eyes that would burn that haze into every man who saw it down to the soul. Solthis was now clearly stricken with fear as he back away, not even in battle plate the warlord could only watch what would be his demise ‘what are you?’ he whimpered to the thing in the tank. The reply cold and full of barely suppressed rage to even speak in coherent sentences ‘the end of all life’ with the reply the giant leapt from the rhino at the Solthis, chain axe biting off his arm and a unnaturally strong blow to the exposed gun tearing from one side to the other, leaving the emperors children paralyzed and watching while the Bezerker moved onto another and another killing all in front of him as a price to pay for his hedonism and recompense for what he had done to the man.
A line of advancing rhinos and predators of the company of misery sped towards the now burning bulkwark of the emperors children, approaching all of the marines and walking cultists looked on in disbelief ‘could one man do this?’ one marines spoke in wonder at the destruction of the emperors children, ‘this is no man’ replied Korban with a stern gaze at the gates which were torn open by an escaping rhino which only made it so far before it was rent open like a can of rations and devoured by the headsmen. The line of armor all parked in a wide fan in the main courtyard and were greeted by a farmiliar grim effigy to the dark gods, a pile as high as a house rose up beside the entry rhino which emanated the smell of death and blood, atop mound made of the days dead sat the Bezerker again who lay upon it as his throne ‘not going to run me over with your tank again are you?’ he growled to Korban, taken back that he could speak coherent words Korban took a second to process the words ‘no, were here to reward you. Half of the slaves here will be yours and then we can go our separate ways once we see that, lord of ectasy, is dead’.

The giant red killer stood up slowly and walked down the mound of dead, bone crunching against armored boots spraying blood and visera everywhere, some of the gathered men raised their weapons but a death stare from the giant forced them to lower them again. Reaching the bottom of the pile of dead the Bezerker kicked an arm which slowly rose and reached out to Korban for help, Korban was shocked when he saw the face of the fearless lord of pain and fear wracked with his name sake. His lips cracked and covered in blood of his men while their weight slowly crushed him, the bezerker placed his boot over the head of Solthis and cruched it with one swift stomp. Korban recovered from the grisly sight and began to talk once again to the world eater ‘well you can have your reward now so ju…’ the words caught in Korban’s throat when the bezerker shook his head pointing one finger to the bunker, its thick iron door torn from its hinges. Korban entered with a group of men and saw the true horror that the world eater could summon, bodies torn and crushed beyond recognision plastered the walls with blood and chunks of flesh which clung to the floor and walls, Korban stopped when his boot crunched after stepping into a corpse, half digested food and blood covering his boot.

One marine shook his head in disgust ‘animal, how could he do this?’ Korban could no longer help it and curled back in horror from the scene ‘I told you. We must remember if we are to use him. It is no man, it is a horror of daemons. rage in physical form’ Korban saw something catch his eye and stepped forward, the wall’s blood splatter was curved into letters of a word, a single word ‘D.A.N.T.E’, ‘and we must have a way to muzzle the beast before it turns on its master, lets go and find it a bone.

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