Of times long past - Chapter 1 - Aiden

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Of times long past - Chapter 1 - Aiden Empty Of times long past - Chapter 1 - Aiden

Post by Muffin Heretic on Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:33 pm

"In the name of Kathrine and the god Emperor, burn these filth!"
With those words, I commanded them, as always, they immediatelly moved torwards the door.
She kicked the heavy barred door in and was the first to storm inside, I would call it reckless, had I not known her for years; Her entire life, to be precise actually...

I wish I could have sweet memories of her as an innocent, happy child, as I had of my own. But Fate saw her as an orphan on the steps of a church. Admittably, she got the best a nameless orphan could have ever hoped for. It was I, who came up with her name, back when we really met.
She was perhaps 8 years, maybe 10, when she had to witness her childhood friends death by the hands of a gruesome machienery of death, a murder Servitor.
I was still on the ranks of a Battle Sister back then, noone was charged with watching over the young acolytes, but I was the closest one to them, I had my backs turned on them and had it not been for her, I would likely just be as dead as her little friend was, now.
She killed the Murder Servitor with nothing but a broken up pole with a old banner, that was stuck in the rubble behind her.
Our faces back then, when she stood there, the blood of the Servitor coating her, holding onto that ancient banner which even bore the fleur de lis, had it not been such a tragic event, I would not mourn the day like I do.
But it was what determined us not to train her into a Dialogus, but rather into a Sister of Battle.
And what a fine one she has become...

I run into the room behind her, I am but the third to enter, after her and Irmgard. As always, I am stunned. There had been 5 heretical worshippers of Khorne in this room. Sure they where surprised but they had not been unarmed. Nontheless, she had already purged two of them with her flamer when I entered the room and I was only quick enough to witness her slicing up the other three with just two swings of her Chainsword.
Guarded, the rest of my vanguard steps in to form a protective circle arround me. It is not that they are not eager or well trained, they're simply not as quick to react as she.
In reality, it should be her, leading this squad as a Sister Superior, I only got into this position due to my age and the battles I had witnessed.
She, however, should have risen to this rank due to her sheer faith, wit and devotion. Not to mention her skill with every weapon we had armed her with so far.
I walk next to her, she's still breathing heavily and I am certain her heart beats with the rythm only those, which look death into the eye and scream defiance at it, can know.
"You have performed your duty for the God Emperor outstandingly as always, Johanna.", I tell her, only to be met with her sad expression, which seems to beg me for forgiveness.
It puzzles me and fills me with pride, to know that she looks up to me in such a way.
Never thinking high of herself, a virtue we try to uphold but it is clearly HER virtue.
"Is it because you where the first to charge? You know your skills and by now so do we. I trust in your judgement of the situation."
"I don't deserve the honour, Sister Aiden. I really..." I cut her off:
"I know you're not looking for honour. Once we have cleared this place out, I shall tell Canoness Vikktoya of your bravery and skill once more, you should be leading your own squad from now on."
I was hoping these words would cheer her up, but they seemed to have the opposite effect. If she ever lives as long as I, she should be declared a saint for this, but she would never accept it.
"If I may, I would wish to serve with you, Sister Aiden. Until death, when duty ends."
The words don't come as a surprise to me, after all, I have been like a mother to her for a long time, even though she looked after me more than I had ever been able to look after her.
"I will let her know that you wish for that." I tell her. It finally seems to bring her spirit back to herself.
"Let us hunt down the rest of these Heretics then.", I declare to her.
She salutes with the sign of the aquilla before turning arround, arming herself and walking outside of the hideout we found.

We had been sent onto this hiveworld to take down a revolt by the labor forces, which refuse to keep on enforcing the economy to pay the imperial thide.
Governour Ssakcaj Arbud called for the imperial Guard alone to stomp this revolt dead as soon as possible. The Arbites of the hive as well as some reinforcements where not enough but nontheless, the Imperial Guard are not meant for this kind of urban warfare so the Canoness of our Martyred Lady, our Canoness Vikktoya decided to aid a hand in this endevour, hoping that we could sway a large portion of the population by showing the Emperors Divinity and Might.

After this engagement, days pased, almost without any action. It seemed that the enemies realized the situation they where in, off course we did not sit idle durring this time, we visited the lokal temples for prayer, a action, meant more to impress the public than devote ourselfs - that is something we could do at any time, without going to public places.
Today as well, I march up the steps of another holy place, I kneel for some minutes before the statue of the Emperor, standing before the palace, closing my eyes to pray.
When I opened my eyes, I saw Johanna, standing close to the door, her Chainsaw at her belt as well as a single Flamer. Other than me, she did not appear unarmed because other than me she was yet again, not here to pray.
I knew that in fact, she spent as much time as I and any other Sister in the curch, praying, but whenever I went and layed off my arms and armour, to show my faith and devotion, to pray in public, she demanded to be allowed to stand guard before the church.
Maybe, I think to myself, she fears that I would be granted martyrdom similar to that of the holy Saint Mina, who died durring prayer, unarmed, surprised by assassins.
It fills my heart with pride for which I will beg forgiveness from the Emperor, to see her stand proud and stern as always.
Most of the other devoted men and women, visiting the church, treat her like a impressive, intimidating statue, glancing at her for moments, sometimes bowing their heads to her in reference.
They need not fear, as to each who chooses to bow, she bows back, happy to know, that she is keeping the pious safe, as is intended.

This day, was not like the many others.
My silent Prayer was disrupted by heavy Gunfire, followed by screams from outside.
I stand up, immediatelly fearfull, help searching faces of the churchs visitors fall upon me. I show none of my own fear, fear for my devoted Sister outside, quick I march to the entrance, not forgetting to bow with the aquilla to the altar at the front before pushing open the large wooden, main doors and searching for my Sister. I spot her immediately...
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