The Ordo of the Cleansing Fire

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The Ordo of the Cleansing Fire Empty The Ordo of the Cleansing Fire

Post by Muffin Heretic on Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:00 pm

Alternating Names:
The Order of the Holy Fire
The Order of the Mad Saint
Johannas Order

Order homeworld: Ophelia VII
Order Colours:
Purple and Black for the Pentient
Purple and White for the Pure of Heart
Patron Saint: Johanna Regrebmorts

Order History:
When Johanna the Saint was found on the NAMEANDIDRESTRICTED Agri World, the Inquisition forces met with those of the Ecclesiarchy.
The Holy imperial Saint Johanna, was identified by Inquisitor Zielley as heretical and ordered killed.
Uppon this, a partion of the Repentias, attacked and killed the Inquisitor.
These Sisters are known as the first believers of the Cleansing Fire. Knowing full well, that torwards the end of her liefetime, Johanna has been known to follow chaos but believing that her selfless final deed: killing herself in the Name of the Imperium and with a prayer to the God Emperor on her lips.
Cleansed her body of the chaos taint that had been corrupting her for so long.

After bringing back the Imperial Saint to Ophelia, those which choose to believe that she was indeed divine and brought back to live by the will of the holy God Emperor started to form the Ordo of the Holy Fire or Cleansing Fire. Often these Sisters stay in their own Ordos however and keep wearing the same uniforms as before. Those which do change, usually dye the coloured varriation of their Ordor to a dark shade of Purple.

The venerating and cleansing fire, bringing Retribution to the soul of the corrupted Sister is seen as a sign of Willpower and Repentance by many, thus the militant Arm of this Order utilizes large numbers of Repentias. Most of them from the Order of the Valurous Heart and the Order of Our Martyred Lady.

Recently, the Saint herself has called to two calls to Arms:
The Aid of the Blood Angels against their invaders in the Siege of Baal.
The Aid of the White Scars agains a most recent attack by Huron Blackheart.
High Ecclesiarch Decius, as well as the Inquisition have denounced the forming of this Order and have brought up question against this Saint.
So far, Johanna has survived every attempt of assassination against herself, mourning the Sisters which have to die for the Inquisitions failure to trust into the Emperors divinity.
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The Ordo of the Cleansing Fire Empty Re: The Ordo of the Cleansing Fire

Post by Apothecary Meros on Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:22 pm

Awesome ^^
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